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As a local developer constructing new houses in and around Beaconsfield, it soon became apparent to us that there are an increasing number of people who have “grand designs” to build their own homes. The idea is an excellent one but in reality an extremely complex undertaking.  Finding development opportunities is in itself a full time job.  Even if an individual can source the raw materials, the planning process is becoming ever more complicated, time consuming and expensive while the construction process is evolving into a technical minefield.

At Germain Homes, we feel we can offer a service that allows our clients the opportunity to build their dream home by using our specialist knowledge and expertise combined with their visions and aspirations.  Our land team will find you your perfect location, our designers will work with you to create your new  home and our construction team will deliver it for you.  How much you get involved is up to you – from literally laying some bricks or just choosing kitchens and bathrooms, we will be there to do whatever you don't want to.

And there is one final bonus!
It is widely accepted  that over a number of years, property is a good investment but you rarely make money the day you move into a new home as normally you will have paid close to the asking price whether you home is new or second hand.  If, with our help, you buy a plot and we build your new home, the combined cost will almost always be less than the value of the finished product.  Click here for a testimonial.

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