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We have known Jon and Paul at Germain Homes for a few years now, and they have been completely instrumental in the search for our ‘perfect’ home. Initially, we approached them to help us find a large plot of land in the centre of Beaconsfield on which to build a house. This was no mean feat given the scarcity – and popularity - of suitable plots. However, we were shown a number of potentially suitable places over a 2 year period, some of which were not yet officially ‘on the market’. The contacts Germain have with the local estate agents - and their own local knowledge of the markets - is second to none, and it was these links which led us to our ‘dream’ plot.

When we had purchased the plot, Germain spent a great deal of time taking us to see various properties, and sharing their expertise in ‘what works and what doesn’t’ in terms of house styles, materials, etc. Although we already had a pretty good sense of what we liked, Germain definitely helped us to clarify our thoughts.

Throughout the whole process of ‘Architects to Planning to Construction’, Germain have been fantastic. Construction is now well underway, and the fruits of Germain’s attention to detail are clearly showing. Every stage of the process has been a pleasure, and Jon and Paul are delightful to work with. Nothing is too much trouble, and everything is done in a fun, friendly and very professional manner. So far, so good!
Michael & Camilla Reyner

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